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Documentation, Coding Standards, Style and Automated Reports

Design Overview

Coding Standards, Style, and Patch Submission

Automated Reports

--*-- These pages are still in progress.

Where to start

For developers wishing to start out using the libsmbios library, please start at the following doxygen pages:

Adding new documentation

The libsmbios project uses Doxygen for all project documentation. The text for this page is in doc/mainpage.txt in the source tree. All additional documentation linked by this page is available in doc/*.txt files. Be aware that some of these text files are automatically generated, such as the code coverage report.

All class diagram and stuff behind the links at the top of this page are automatically generated by Doxygen from the source code. Each page says which source files were used. Look for text like this at the bottom of each page:

 The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
    - SomeFile.h
    - AnotherFile.h
    - SomeFile.cpp

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