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RbuImpl.h File Reference

#include "smbios/compat.h"
#include "smbios/DellRbu.h"
#include "FactoryImpl2.h"
#include "ExceptionImpl.h"
#include "RbuLowLevel.h"

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namespace  rbu


#define DCOUT(line)   do {} while(0)
#define DCERR(line)   do {} while(0)

Define Documentation

#define DCERR line   )     do {} while(0)

Definition at line 35 of file RbuImpl.h.

Referenced by SmiTokenDA::activate(), xmlutils::findElement(), smi::getAuthenticationKey(), smi::getAuthenticationKeyII(), smi::getPasswordPropertiesII(), SmbiosMemoryStrategy::getSmbiosTable(), SmbiosLinuxEFIStrategy::getSmbiosTableHeader(), SmbiosMemoryStrategy::getSmbiosTableHeader(), smbios::getSmbiosXmlDoc(), SmiTokenDA::isActive(), SmbiosTable::reReadTable(), and smi::writeSetting().

#define DCOUT line   )     do {} while(0)

Definition at line 34 of file RbuImpl.h.

Referenced by getServiceTagFromCMOSToken(), getServiceTagFromSMI(), getServiceTagFromSysEncl(), getServiceTagFromSysInfo(), SMBIOSGetServiceTag(), and rbu::splitNewVersion().

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