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SystemDetect.cpp File Reference

#include "smbios/ISmbios.h"
#include "smbios/IToken.h"
#include "smbios/SystemInfo.h"
#include "smbios/IMemory.h"
#include "smbios/SmbiosDefs.h"
#include "ExceptionImpl.h"
#include "SystemDetect.h"
#include "DellMagic.h"
#include "smbios/message.h"

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struct  SystemDetectionFunction




bool couldBeDiamond ()
bool couldBeBayonet ()
bool isStdDellBiosSystem ()
int SMBIOSIsDellSystem ()


smbios::Exception< smbios::IExceptionSysInfoException
SystemDetectionFunction DellDetectionFunctions []

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Definition at line 19 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

Function Documentation

bool couldBeBayonet  ) 

Definition at line 60 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

References Bayonet_Detect_String, couldBeBayonet(), SmbiosFactory::getFactory(), SmbiosFactory::getSingleton(), ISmbiosTable::iterator, OEM_String_Field_Number, and smbios::OEM_Strings.

Referenced by couldBeBayonet(), and getIdByteFromOEMItem().

bool couldBeDiamond  ) 

Definition at line 49 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

References couldBeDiamond(), SMBIOSGetDellSystemId(), and SYSTEM_ID_DIAMOND.

Referenced by couldBeDiamond().

bool isStdDellBiosSystem  )  [static]

Definition at line 87 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

References IMemory::fillBuffer(), MemoryFactory::getFactory(), OEM_Dell_String, and OEM_String_Location.

int SMBIOSIsDellSystem  ) 

Returns 0 if the system is not a Dell, 1 if it is.

Definition at line 127 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

References _, DellDetectionFunctions, SystemDetectionFunction::f_ptr, and SysInfoException.

Referenced by testPlatform::testIsDell(), and testPlatform::testSystemInfo().

Variable Documentation

struct SystemDetectionFunction DellDetectionFunctions[]

Referenced by SMBIOSIsDellSystem().

smbios::Exception<smbios::IException> SysInfoException

Definition at line 41 of file SystemDetect.cpp.

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