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Documentation for propertyTag executable




The propertyTag executable is used to read or write the Dell property ownership tags. Property ownership tags are generally 80-characters and can be set to any value by the system owner. This tag is displayed across the screen during BIOS POST through system bootup. It is also displayed if the system has an admin/user password set that must be entered to continue bootup.

The propertyTag executable relies on the "dcdbas" kernel-mode driver. This driver is included in Linux kernels starting at 2.6.14. A dkms package is provided in the libsmbios package for earlier 2.6.x kernels.

$ ./propertyTag Existing Property Tag:

$ ./propertyTagS -s "New property ownership tag." Existing Property Ownership Tag: Changing Property Ownership Tag: New property ownership tag. Change Successful. The changes may not take effect until reboot, depending on system type.






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