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Libsmbios package repository (yum)

Package repository overview

Please visit the unofficial repo site for instructions on how to setup the repository.

After you have set up libsmbios based on the instructions in the repository, above, you can install libsmbios by running this command:

yum install libsmbios-bin

Yum will automatically upgrade libsmbios with the rest of your system when you run yum updates.

Note on software repositories

These software repositories are provided as a convenience to our customers. Note that all software released in these repositories is open-source software. Some of the software in these repositories is not Dell-developed and comes from outside parties (including, but not limited to: Xerces, cppunit, doxygen). Please examine the licenses of all software that you install to ensure that you know the different terms and conditions.

Please be aware that all software is provided with no warranty, express or implied. Use the software on this site at your own risk. There is no Dell Technical Support available for any software offered for download on this site. The only support available is through the public mailing lists for each software component.

Note on BETA software

Beta software repositories are provided to facilitate testing by people willing to accept the risks associated with beta quality software. All software is provided as-is, with no warranties, express or implied. While we make every effort to ensure that all software that we release contains no defects, they do sometimes happen. If it breaks, rest assured that you can keep all the pieces.
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