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libsmbios - Libsmbios C/C++ shared libraries

License: GPLv2+ or OSL 2.1
Vendor: Dell Inc
Libsmbios is a library and utilities that can be used by client programs to get
information from standard BIOS tables, such as the SMBIOS table.

This package provides the C-based libsmbios library, with a C interface.

This package also has a C++-based library, with a C++ interface. It is not
actively maintained, but provided for backwards compatibility. New programs
should use the libsmbios C interface.


libsmbios-2.2.27-4.9.1.el5.i386 [1.5 MiB] Changelog by Michael Brown (2010-07-06):
- implement CSV export of token settings from smbios-token-ctl

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