ipmitool - Ipmitool - Utility for IPMI control

Website: http://support.dell.com
License: BSD
Vendor: Dell Inc
This package contains a utility for interfacing with devices that support
the Intelligent Platform Management Interface specification.  IPMI is
an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote power control.

This utility can communicate with IPMI-enabled devices through either a
kernel driver such as OpenIPMI or over the RMCP LAN protocol defined in
the IPMI specification.  IPMIv2 adds support for encrypted LAN
communications and remote Serial-over-LAN functionality.

It provides commands for reading the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) and
displaying sensor values, displaying the contents of the System Event
Log (SEL), printing Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) information, reading and
setting LAN configuration, and chassis power control.


ipmitool-1.8.11-99.dell.4.122.6.sles11.x86_64 [334 KiB] Changelog by (2009-02-25):
- Fix new GCC compilation issues in regards to Packing
- Fix Tracker bug #1642710 - ipmi_kcs_drv being loaded/unloaded
  for 2.4 kernel instead of ipmi_si_drv driver module
- New -y option added to allow specification of kg keys with
  non-printable characters
- New -K option added to allow kgkey settings via environmental
  variable IPMI_KGKEY
- Generic device support added for EEPROM with SDR Type 10h (gendev)
- Fix to lan-bridging for a double-bridging crash and to fix
  an issue with bridging multiple concurrent requests and
  erroneous handling of raw Send Message
- Lanplus fix for commands like 'sensor list' without the -t option
  causing wrong double bridged requests of a sensor is located
  on another satellite controller
- Fix lan and lanplus request list entry removal bugs
- Fix non-working issue when trying to send a bridge message with
  Cipher 3
- Change bridge message handling to reuse command ipmi_lan_poll_recv
- Added PICMG 2.0 and 2.3 support
- Fix PICMG (ATCA) extension verification and reversal of BCD encoded
  values for "major" and "minor" fields
- Add IANA support for Pigeon Point
- Add OEM SW/FW Record identification
- Fix to include I2C and LUN addresses so sensors are correctly managed
- Patch ID 1990560 to get readings from non-linear analog sensors
- Add support for SOL payload status command
- SOL set parameter range checking added
- Fixed SOL activate options usage 
- Fixed crashes when parsing 'sol payload' and 'tsol' cmds (#216967)
- Added retries to SOL keepalive
- Fixed wrong mask values for Front Panel disable/enable status
- Add support to access fru internal use area
- Add support for new PICMG 3.0 R3.0 (March 24, 2008) to allow
  blocks of data within the FRU storage area to be write protected.
- Fix node reporting in GUID; Tracker bug #2339675
- Fix watchdog use/action print strings
- Fix endian bug in SDR add from file; Tracker bug #2075258
- Fix crash when dumping SDRs in a file and there's an error
  getting an SDR; improve algorithm for optimal packet size
- Fix occasional SDR dump segfault; #1793076
- Allow ipmitool sel delete to accept hex list entry numbers
- Fix SEL total space reporting.
- Fix for garbage sensor threshold values reported when none 
  returned.  Tracker Bug #863748
- ipmievd change to Monitor %used in SEL buffer and log warnings when
  the buffer is 80% and 100% full

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