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srvadmin-argtable2 - A library for parsing GNU style command line arguments, 7.3.0

License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: Dell Inc
 Argtable is an ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line arguments.
 It enables a program's command line syntax to be defined in the source
 code as an array of argtable structs. The command line is then parsed
 according to that specification and the resulting values are returned in
 those same structs where they are accessible to the main program. Both tagged
 (-v, --verbose, --foo=bar) and untagged arguments are supported, as are
 multiple instances of each argument. Syntax error handling is automatic and
 the library also provides the means for displaying the command line syntax
 directly from the array of argument specifications.
 Argtable can function as a "getopt_long" replacement, without the user
 of the program noticing the difference. Unlike "getopt_long", argtable is
 cross platform and works on Windows and Mac as well as Posix systems.


srvadmin-argtable2-7.3.0-4.2.93.sles11.x86_64 [36 KiB] Changelog by Jess Portnoy (2009-03-20):
- Added --target= passing the _build_cpu macro

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