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Dell|Red Hat HA Linux > dell-config-cluster > README > MD3000i Checklist

MD3000i Storage Configuration Checklist

Item Verified
Physical setup and cabling  
iSCSI Initiator and tools installed on each node Automated by the script
(Phase 1/3)
iSCSI Initiator IQN configured on each node to ease identification Automated by the script
(Phase 1/3)
Multi-Path Proxy driver installed on each node (linuxrdac package) Automated by the script
(Phase 1/3)
PowerVault MD3000i Storage Manager installed on this management node  
Dellâ„¢ PowerVaultâ„¢ MD3000i storage array initial configuration  
Create a Virtual Disk for the cluster  
Define a Host Group for the cluster and perform Host-to-Virtual Disk mapping
NOTE: Allow this step to complete before selecting Storage Configuration Complete and continuing into Phase 2.
Perform iSCSI discovery and initiate sessions Automated by the script
(Phase 2/3)
Create logical volume with GFS and mount Automated by the script
(Phase 3/3)

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