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Dell|Red Hat HA Linux > Storage > PowerVault MD3000 > Introduction


This document will walk through the hardware, software, and configuration of the Dell PowerVault MD3000 Storage Array and nodes for use in the Dell|Red Hat HA Linux Cluster. This document assumes you have completed the steps in the section System to prepare the nodes.

NOTE: Additional documentation you may find useful:

  • The following documents can be found on the MD3000 documentation site.
  • The Dell PowerVault MD3000 Hardware Owners Manual and the Dell PowerEdge System Hardware Owners Manual provide information about the storage array and host servers.
  • The Dell PowerVault MD3000 Systems Installation Guide provides an overview of setting up and cabling your storage array.
  • The PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager CLI Guide provides information about using the command line interface (CLI).
  • The Dell PowerVault MD3000 Resource media provides documentation for configuration and management tools, as well as the full documentation set included in this section.
  • The Dell PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager User’s Guide provides instructions for using the array management software to configure the storage array.
  • The Dell PowerVault MD Systems Support Matrix provides information on supported software and hardware for PowerVault MD systems. This document can be located on the Dell Support website at
  • If you are using a different type of storage with your Dell|Red Hat HA Linux Cluster, refer to the Storage index.

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Dell|Red Hat HA Linux > Storage > PowerVault MD3000 > Introduction

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