Ubuntu 7.10/Issues/Compiz Fusion 965GM Incompatibility

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Description: The PCI ID (8086:2a02) for the Intel 965GM video controller has been black-listed by the Compiz-Fusion Manager, because the 965GM chip doesn't support the necessary pieces for video to work without using EXA accelerated architecture, which Ubuntu 7.10 does not support.
Systems Affected: Inspiron 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
Impact: Metacity will be used by default instead of Compiz-Fusion. Thus, 3D effects on the desktop can't be turned on.
Workaround: Edit the file (or create if does not already exist) /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager and add the line:


And restart the Gnome Display Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time.

NOTE: Enabling Compiz Fusion on this video chipset will disable video playback.
Fix: None available. See LP141298.

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