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captionLinux Engineering

Welcome to the Dell Linux Engineering site. This site provides information that will be useful when running Linux on Dell PowerEdge servers and Precision desktops.

Dell partners with Red Hat, SuSE and Canonical, and so most of our efforts are focused on these distributions. However, we realize many of our customers choose to run other distributions with a mix of non-standard hardware. Though we can't support every Linux flavor or hardware configuration out there, this site (along with our popular mailing lists) is an unofficial resource to help you use your Dell hardware however you choose.

Official support

If you have specific issues, questions, or problems concerning a product or solution which is supported by Dell, please see, and if necessary, contact Dell Technical Support through the normal channels.

Contributing to this site

We understand that customers would like to contribute to this wiki. Though edit access to this wiki is not possible at this time, we encourage you to contribute on the Dell TechCenter wiki, which is where most of our content exists anyway.

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