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Here's an example setup for populating your ZLM server with firmware-tools packages and payloads, and for deploying those updates to your target systems.

On the ZLM server, as root, do:

  • Install ZLM
  • Create bundles
# zlman bundle-create bundle-dell-software
# zlman bundle-create bundle-dell-firmware
  • Obtain RPMs from the firmware-tools and web sites.
  • Add RPMs to bundles, once per desired os-version-arch target
# zlman bundle-add-package --installtype=upgrade bundle-dell-software sles-10-x86_64 *.rpm
# zlman bundle-add-package --installtype=install bundle-dell-firmware sles-10-x86_64 *.rpm
  • Create a catalog
# zlman catalog-create catalog-firmware-tools
  • Add both bundles to the catalog
# zlman catalog-add-bundle catalog-firmware-tools bundle-dell-software bundle-dell-firmware

On target systems, as root, do:

  • Install ZLM client
# rug service-add https://your-zlm-server/
# rug subscribe catalog-firmware-tools
# rug install firmware-addon-dell
# rug install $(rug --terse what-provides "$(inventory_firmware -b)" | \
 awk -F \| '{print $3}')
# apply_updates

N.B. Some versions of 'rug' include a 'solvedeps' function, which may be used instead of the second 'rug install' line above. If yours does, the command would be:

# rug solvedeps "$(inventory_firmware -b)"
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