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This page tracks bugs/changes for firmware-tools. You can simply list the bug below. If it requires a lot of explanatory text, you can create a new page and just add the link. Create the new page under Oss/Firmware_Tools/Bugs/.

Todo items


  • spinner for update firmware page
  • some nice icons and color highlighting for main page
  • need tooltips and property boxes to show device/package details
  • updates should return text or path to a filename so GUI can display a result log for each update.


  • need a package.xml based RepositoryPackage class
  • need to allow reflash/downgrade of BIOS/LSI
  • blacklist support to give better error messages for systems that dont work

Debian Packages

  • Bug: firmware-tools should create /etc/firmware/firmware.d directory
  • Bug: firmware-tools should create /usr/share/firmware/ directory
  • change: need to get repo setup instructions. Started a page here: Repository/Debian

Cannot reproduce:

  • Bug: firmware-addon-dell doesnt depend on firmware-tools. apt-get install doesnt pull them both in.

Originally installed firmware-addon-dell and it did not pull in firmware-tools. Tried to reproduce and it worked like it should.

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