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This page tracks bugs/changes for firmware-tools. You can simply list the bug below. If it requires a lot of explanatory text, you can create a new page and just add the link. Create the new page under Oss/Firmware_Tools/Bugs/.

Todo items


  • spinner for update firmware page
  • some nice icons and color highlighting for main page
  • need tooltips and property boxes to show device/package details
  • updates should return text or path to a filename so GUI can display a result log for each update.


  • need a package.xml based RepositoryPackage class
  • need to allow reflash/downgrade of BIOS/LSI
  • blacklist support to give better error messages for systems that dont work

Debian Packages

At this point, the debian packaging is *woefully* out of date. Things have massively moved around in all of the packages and the debian packages need updates.

That said, here are the older bug list (may or may not still be applicable):

  • Bug: firmware-tools should create /etc/firmware/firmware.d directory
  • Bug: firmware-tools should create /usr/share/firmware/ directory
  • change: need to get repo setup instructions. Started a page here: Repository/Debian

Cannot reproduce:

  • Bug: firmware-addon-dell doesnt depend on firmware-tools. apt-get install doesnt pull them both in.

Originally installed firmware-addon-dell and it did not pull in firmware-tools. Tried to reproduce and it worked like it should.

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