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Operating Systems

  • The following Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell/SuSE Linux Enterprise Server on PowerEdge Servers are fully supported by Dell. For exact versions that are offered on your Dell PowerEdge server, please check the Technical Specifications of your server.
    • RHEL 4
    • RHEL 5
    • SLES 10
    • SLES 11
  • Unsupported OS that are known to work with Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Support and Documentation

Certified Systems

See Certified Operating Systems.

Find out your service tag number

Support is given on your system's service tag number. A system is e.g. a server. Find out your service tag number

  • by looking at the label on the chassis
  • by using OpenManage
  • via a Linux command
dmidecode --string system-serial-number

Additional Information

Dell has both official and community-supported RPM repositories, in yum/repomd format, containing drivers and updates as well as OpenManage applications.

The wiki highlights Dell Enterprise Solutions on Dell servers and storage.

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