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As of Dec 2008, this repository is production level. The beta period ended Nov 2008.


The Dell community repository has several purposes:

  • To distribute Dell-developed open source software
  • To distribute customer-developed open source modules (see below)


The repository page has setup instructions.


The Dell community repository uses the openSUSE Build Service to build all of the packages in the repository. The openSUSE Build Service is a very easy-to-use web-based service hosted by Novell which allows you to build RPMs across multiple distributions in a very controlled and reproducible manner. Log into the Build Service here.

If you have a Build Service account, you can view the Dell community repository. You will have to have a Build Service account to contribute package to the Dell community repository.

In order to contribute packages to the Dell repository, simply create your own build service account, add your package, and submit a request that we copy your package into the Dell project. See the 'package copy request' section below for required bugzilla information. We will review your package to ensure it meets guidelines before copying it into the Dell project. Once the package has been copied, you will be given maintainer permissions to the copy of your package. We recommend that you test changes in your private copy before moving them into the Dell repository. After the copy has been made, you will be expected to keep the package up-to-date in the Dell repository.

Here is the general outline for how to contribute:

  1. Create a Build Service account. If you already have a Novell Bugzilla account, good news, they are linked, and all you need to do is "activate" your build service account
  2. If you are creating a new build service account, you will need to request a home project. This happens automatically when you click "Home Project", just click ok.
  3. Click "Add Package" to create your new package. Copy the rpm name, summary and description as the package name, title and description, respectively.
  4. Under "Files", click "Add File". You will need to upload your tarball and specfile as files for your package. See the build service wiki for additional info if you wish to build debs.
  5. Go back to your main project page. Under "Build Repositories", click "Add Repository". Repeat for each OS you wish to support (eg. Fedora 9, SLES 10, RHEL 5, etc). We encourage submitters to support as many different operating systems as possible.
  6. Fix any build problems that you encounter until package cleanly builds for all supported operating systems.
  7. Send a note to request that we copy your package into the isv:dell:community project using the bugzilla link, above.

Please note: after your package is copied into the isv:dell:community project, the two packages are distinct. Updates to your home package have no effect on the Dell repository copy. You may dispose of your home package copy as you wish, ie. use it for testing or delete it.

Build Service

Please refer to the Build Service instructions for guidelines on creating a Build Service account and for setting up and using the Build Service. The nice thing about the Build Service is that you can create and submit package 100% using the web interface, so there is no requirement to learn another CLI. There is a CLI available for those who may need it, but it is not required.


  • All submitted packages must meet the Build Service licensing guidelines, ie. they must be open source.
  • All submitted packages must have direct relevance to Dell customers. This is not a general purpose repository for random software.
  • All submitted packages should adhere to the Fedora and SUSE packaging guidelines to the greatest extent possible.

Package Copy Request

The following information is required in order to process your request:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact email address
  • Your organization
  • Your project and package name
  • Short description of the package
  • why you would like to submit it to the Dell repository
  • Upstream location of any package sources
  • Full description of the package license (example, "License: GPLv3+). If the license is 'non-standard', verification that it meets the licensing guidelines.


Name:  Edward Scissorhands
Org: Fly-by-Nite Ind., Hair-shortening division
Package: frobnicator
Project: home:escissor
Description: This package interfaces with the frobnicator located on Dell computers to interface with the FbN hair-styling monitoring system
Repository reasoning: This package is useful to anybody running Dell computers in a hair-styling setting
License: GPLv3+

Dell Build Repositories

Dell publishes the following repositories. It is recommended that you add as many of these as makes sense for your package.

  • OpenSUSE 10.2
  • OpenSUSE 10.3
  • OpenSUSE 11.0
  • Fedora 8
  • Fedora 9
  • RHEL 4
  • RHEL 5
  • SLES 9
  • SLE 10
  • OpenSUSE Factory

The following repositories are enabled as build repositories, with limited support:

  • Ubuntu 8.04
  • Debian Etch

Mirroring the repository

Rsync is available. rsync://

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