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This page is an introduction to the Dell Software repository. For more information about the Dell Linux repositories, go to the main repository start page.


What is the purpose of the Dell Software Repository?


  • To distribute Dell-developed open source software
  • To distribute customer-developed open source modules (process is still TBA)

Note: The repository does not contain Dell OpenManage components. Up until recently, it had contained OMSA. As announced May 2007, the "hardware" repository is now the official source of OMSA, and the OMSA RPMs have been removed from the software repository as of July 2007. Everybody who has used the software repo to install OMSA should switch over to use the hardware repo. (or use both, they are mutually compatible.)


The repository page has setup instructions.

Common Problems and FAQs

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Mirroring the repository

Rsync is available. rsync://

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