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Desktops and Notebooks with Ubuntu Desktop Edition 7.04

Factory Installation Details

Dell Remastered Ubuntu 7.04 ISO

Dell Linux Engineering team has a remastered copy of the Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD available for download. It includes native system hardware support and many of the fixes listed below. The media will help you get the system installed and running with the necessary drivers. The goal of this media is to provide Dell customers who have not purchased Ubuntu 7.04 pre-installed on these systems with all of the fixes we apply to the factory-installation image.

The media has been created specifically to resolve issues on the following system:

  • Inspiron E1505n
  • Inspiron 1420n
  • Inspiron 530n

NOTE:This media contains GPL-licensed drivers only, and does not contain Conexant modem driver for the Inspiron 1420n, E1505n, and 6400n (which can be downloaded separately from http://support.dell.com). All drivers on this media are already available in the Ubuntu 7.04 apt repositories.

Download Dell Ubuntu Image

DISCLAIMER: These images are both unofficial Dell recovery media. They are not officially Dell-supported. Do not call Dell Technical support with questions about this image, or software installed by this image, as they will not be able to help you. To get help, please send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list.

  • Latest Dell Install DVD Image
  • Latest Dell Install CD Image

NOTE: After installation, be sure to update to the latest system software.

NOTE: The CD image has been modified to remove components such as OpenOffice to make room for additional Dell specific drivers and fixes. This was done ONLY because we ran out of space. Please use Synaptic to download OpenOffice from the online Ubuntu repositories.

Known Issues

All of Dell's known open issues are being tracked via Launchpad.

No Description Platform
1 GRUB_error_17_after_kernel_update E1505n
2 Screen goes blank when switching consoles E520n, XPS 410n
3 Intel 945GM video issues E1505n
4 Cycling through display modes with external monitors on Nvidia E1505n
5 Suspend followed by Hibernate fails with binary nvidia drive E1505n
6 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse do not work across reboots E520n, XPS 410n, E1505n
7 Bluetooth adapter fails to scan automatically E1505n
8 Wide Screen Flat Panel Issue with onboard Intel Graphics E1505n
9 Audio not available after firstboot E1505n
10 ATA timeouts on Live CD bootup with DVD-RW E520n
11 Hang on reboot or shutdown E520n, XPS 410n
12 CD media not recognized 530n, 1420n
13 Audio not working properly 1420n
14 Misc Intel Video Issues 1420n
15 Broadcom tg3 driver does not recognize network controller 1420n
16 Scrolling feature on touchpad does not work 1420n
17 Audio recording does not work 530n
18 e1000 driver does not recognize network controller 530n
19 USB-SATA race condition causes hang 530n
20 Broken software index 530n, XPS 410n
21 Changing Mousepad Settings 1420n, E1505n/6400n
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