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Description: Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse do not work if the USB Bluetooth dongle is plugged in prior to boot.
Systems Affected: E520n, XPS 410n, E1505n
Impact: Unable to use Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
Workaround: Temporary workaround is to unplug and plug the USB dongle or do not have the USB dongle plugged in during OS bootup. Permanent workaround is to either completely disable Bluetooth, by changing /etc/default/bluetooth to contain "BLUETOOTH_ENABLED=0", and reboot or if Bluetooth functionality is desired, change /etc/default/bluetooth to contain "HIDD_ENABLED=1", and reboot. When the system is back up, hit the Bluetooth reset buttons on the wireless keyboard/mouse (these buttons are located on the underside of the devices), and execute "sudo hidd --search" to make the system find and pair with the devices. After this is done, the keyboard & mouse should continue to work through system reboots.
Fix: No fix available at this time. Issue being tracked in Launchpad# 29506

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