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Description: Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse do not work if the USB Bluetooth dongle is plugged in prior to boot.
Systems Affected: E520n, XPS 410n, E1505n
Impact: Unable to use Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.
Workaround: Unplug and plug the USB dongle, or don't have the USB dongle plugged in during OS bootup. A permanent workaround is to completely disable Bluetooth by changing /etc/default/bluetooth to contain "BLUETOOTH_ENABLED=0" and reboot.

If Bluetooth functionality is desired, change /etc/default/bluetooth to contain "HIDD_ENABLED=1" and reboot. When the system is back up, hit the Bluetooth reset buttons on the wireless keyboard/mouse (located on the underside of the devices) and execute:

$ sudo hidd --search

to make the system find and pair with the devices. The keyboard & mouse should now continue to work through system reboots.

Finally, in Bluetooth Preferences, select the radio button "Visible and connectable for other devices".

Fix: Work in Progress. See LP29506.

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