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Upgrading from Ubuntu 7.04

  • Users of Ubuntu 7.04 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 7.10 via Update Manager. These upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu will be entirely free of charge. For further information about upgrading, see here
  • Before upgrading from Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 7.10, we recommend that all users read the release notes published by the Ubuntu team, which document caveats and workarounds for known issues. They are available here
  • In addition to the known issues listed in the release notes above, please also refer to the table titled "Known Issues" below to find out more one the Dell specific issues with Ubuntu 7.10.
  • If you would like a graphical tour of what's new in the Ubuntu 7.10 release, go here

Desktops and Notebooks with Ubuntu Desktop Edition 7.10

Factory Installation Details

Dell OS Reinstallation 7.10 DVD ISO

The Dell Linux Engineering team has a custom copy of the Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD available for download. It includes native system hardware support and many of the fixes listed below. The media will help you get the system installed and running with the necessary drivers. The goal of this media is to provide Dell customers who have not purchased Ubuntu 7.10 pre-installed on these systems with all of the fixes we apply to the factory-installation image.

Download Dell Ubuntu Image

DISCLAIMER: These images are unofficial Dell recovery media and are provided as-is. Do not call Dell Technical support with questions about this image, or software installed by this image, as they will not be able to help you. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list.

Platform Video card File name Size md5sum
Inspiron 1420n Intel X3100 ubuntu-dell-1420n-intelvideo-reinstall.iso 4312 MB e5c861380109d097879c1b8c12f493c9
Inspiron 1420n nVidia 8400M GS ubuntu-dell-1420n-nvidiavideo-reinstall.iso 4317 MB c65a10b9644f76245851d245a4de3bf8
Inspiron 530n nVidia 8400M GS ubuntu-dell-530n-nvidiavideo-reinstall.iso 4313 MB 6f791a370c461965c557f7998e29f342
Inspiron 530n nVidia 8600M GT ubuntu-dell-530n-nvidiavideo-reinstall.iso 4313 MB 6f791a370c461965c557f7998e29f342
XPS M1330n nVidia 8400M GS ubuntu-dell-M1330n-nvidiavideo-reinstall.iso 4314 MB 5970597b50dab5834c12376ada1ccede
XPS M1330n Intel X3100 ubuntu-dell-M1330n-intelvideo-reinstall.iso 4310 MB 9b0c4e0b68d4c22e69170cc8ae24724e
Inspiron 1525n Intel X3100 ubuntu-dell-1525n-intelvideo-reinstall.iso 4313 MB 2ee17c3e98f2a055ef6e2050ce7a9bcf

For installation instructions, see here.

Known Issues

All of Dell's known open issues are being tracked via Launchpad.

No Description Platform
1 Gnome Display Manager Does Not Start After Distribution Upgrade 1420n
2 Compiz-Fusion Does Not Work With Intel 965GM Video Controllers 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
3 Audio Failure After Resuming From Suspend And Hibernate E1505n, 1420n, 1525n, XPS M1330n
4 Suspend And Hibernate Failures With nVidia 8400M Video 1420n, XPS M1330n
5 Connection locks/drops with ipw3945 wireless network module 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
6 Built-in Digital Camera Does Not Work 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
7 Capture Volume Low with External Microphone 1420n, XPS M1330n
8 Second Headphone Jack Does Not Work 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
9 Built-in Digital Microphone Does Not Work 1420n, XPS M1330n, 1525n
10 New Conexant Modem Driver E1505n, 1420n
11 External Mini USB Modem Driver XPS M1330n
12 Built-in Analog Microphone Does Not Work 1525n
13 External Microphone Does Not Work 1525n
14 Sound Muted After Resuming from Suspend or Hibernate 1525n
15 Resume from Suspend Broken with newer BIOS 1525n

Don't see your issue here? Send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list or check out the Ubuntu forums, there's a lot of useful information provided by the Ubuntu community in general.

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