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Description: When recording audio with external microhpone (using the microphone jack in the front of the system), the recorded audio volume is very low.
Systems Affected: Inspiron 1420n, XPS 1330n.
Impact: Volume of sound captured is too low, even with system sound volume set to maximum level.
Fix: Set alsa settings appropriately. Do the following:

1. Open the GNOME volume control tool:

$ gnome-volume-control

select Edit -> Preferences and verify the following tracks are visible: PCM, Front, Capture, Mux and Digital. Click Close when done.

2. In the Options tab, verify that the Input Source is set to "Mic".

3. To maximize volume of recorded sound: In the Recording tab, adjust the "Capture", "Mix" and "Digital" sliders higher to raise the volume level of the captured audio. Click on the microphone icon on the bottom if it has a red cross on it to unmute it.

4. To maximize volume of playback sound: In the Playback tab, adjust the "PCM", "Front" and "Surround" sliders higher to raise the volume level.

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