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Description: The Conexant hsfmodem driver available for Ubuntu 7.04 does not work with Ubuntu 7.10.
Systems Affected: Inspiron E1505n, 1420n
Impact: If you upgrade an Ubuntu 7.04 installation to Ubuntu 7.10, your modem will no longer work.
Fix: Download the new driver hsfmodem_7.60.00.18oem_i386.deb, which has been tested and qualified for Ubuntu 7.10. To install, run:

$ sudo dpkg -i hsfmodem_7.60.00.18oem_i386.deb

If you upgraded from the Ubuntu 7.04 Dell image, uninstall the linux-backports-modules package or this driver will not work.

  • NOTE: After installing the modem driver, you might get a pop-up window telling you that the Volume Control has quit unexpectedly and asks you to reload (or not reload) the panel:

Click on Reload. Afterwards, the sound icon on the top right corner of the screen changes to "mute", but sound should be OK. A logout/login or GDM restart clears the issue. This issue happens because the modem driver lays down its own set of sound codecs and unloads the snd-hda-intel module during the installation process.

This driver is also available in rpm format and for x86_64 here. These packages were not tested and/or qualified and are provided as-is.

For Inspiron 1420n ONLY: Custom modem driver for Dell-custom linux-backports-modules package

Dell has released a custom linux-backports-modules (l-b-m) package to fix a microphone issue. Because this fix required updates to the ALSA code, the modem driver listed here will not work with this custom l-b-m package. See here for more details.

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