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Upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10

  • If you would like a graphical tour of what's new in the Ubuntu 8.04 release, go here.
  • Users of Ubuntu 7.10 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 8.04 via Update Manager. These upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu will be entirely free of charge. For further information about upgrading, see here
  • Before upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 to Ubuntu 8.04, we recommend that all users read the release notes published by the Ubuntu team, which document caveats and workarounds for known issues. They are available here
  • In addition to the known issues listed in the release notes above, please also refer to the table below titled "Known Issues" below to find out more one the Dell specific issues with Ubuntu 8.04.

Factory Installation Details

Dell OS Factory Recovery 8.04.1 DVD ISO

The Dell Linux Engineering team has a minimally customized copy ISO of the Ubuntu 8.04.1 Live DVD available for download. A majority of the work for enabling Ubuntu is included in 8.04.1. It is important to note that this actually contains the identical live filesystem as 8.04.1. If you already have installed or upgraded to 8.04.1, there is very little incentive to install this. By using this disk, you will gain these customizations:

* You will have the Dell recovery framework put in place that allows you to do a recovery from a recovery partition.
* Flash will be pre-installed
* ATI or NVIDIA proprietary drivers will be pre-installed if you select during install
* linux-backports-modules-hardy will be pre-installed to enable the Wifi LED for Intel cards
* A workaround for suspend problems with high speed USB devices is included (see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/dell/+bug/212660 for more information)

If you already have a Dell system with Ubuntu shipped on it, you should use that DVD to perform the recovery. The DVD playback software and media playback codecs are *NOT* included in this public image. Using this DVD will produce a system very similar to what you receive when ordering Ubuntu, but not identical.

Download Dell Ubuntu Image

DISCLAIMER: These images are unofficial Dell recovery media and are provided as-is. Do not call Dell Technical support with questions about this image, or software installed by this image, as they will not be able to help you. This image will erase all content on the machine and return it to a factory Ubuntu configuration. If you want to dual boot a system with Windows, you will want to install using a standard Ubuntu 8.04.1 DVD. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list.

Platform File name Size md5sum
Inspiron 530n, 1420n, 1525n; XPS m1330n, 1530n; Studio 15n ubuntu-8.04.1-dell-reinstall.iso [1] 2160 MB 4235b683f3dd537c0388c1987a5b4458

For directions on how to use and install from this ISO, please visit OS Reinstallation

Known Issues

No Description Platform
1 No Sound After Distribution or Kernel Upgrade E1505n, 1420n, 1525n
2 Modem Does Not Work E1505n, 1420n, 1525n, XPS M1330n
3 Update Dell's PPA Entry E1505n, 1420n, 1525n, 530n, XPS M1330n
4 WiFi LED does not work E1505n, 1420n, 1525n, XPS M1330n
5 Desktop Won't Boot 530n
6 Studio 15n Fails to suspend 15n

Don't see your issue here? Send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list or check out the Ubuntu forums, there's a lot of useful information provided by the Ubuntu community in general.

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