openipmi-dell - ipmi driver performance improvement parameter

License: GPL
Vendor: Dell Inc.
In some cases kipmid can use a lot of CPU.  This adds a way to tune the
CPU used by kipmid to help in those cases.  By setting kipmid_max_busy_us
to a value between 100 and 500, it is possible to bring down kipmid CPU
load to practically 0 without loosing too much ipmi throughput
performance.  Not setting the value, or setting the value to zero,
operation is unaffected.

This package adds and sets the kipmid_max_busy_us parameter to ipmi_si driver
module for improved system performance.


openipmi-dell-1.0-0.noarch [3 KiB] Changelog by (2010-04-20):
- Initial release

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