Dell OM Linux Repository

Dell OM 7.3.1 Linux Repository

What is this?

This is the officially supported yum repository for Open Manage. This repository contains OMSA, drivers, BIOS, and firmware.
Please see the detailed description in the Dell OMSA Linux wiki page

How to set up

Complete this step before any of the steps below.
wget -q -O -;O=Dbootstrap.cgi | bash
OMSA and firmware update packages were previously only available as 32-bit binaries, but are now available 64-bit native for x86_64 systems.
Warning: If you have a 32-bit Dell package installed (srvadmin-* dell_ie*) on your system, it continues to use the 32-bit packages. To use the 64-bit packages, uninstall the existing 32-bit packages before installing them. New installations install the architecture of OMSA that matches your operating system.

Installing OpenManage Server Administrator

NOTE: OMSA will not install on unsupported systems. If you receive a message at install that the system is not supported, it is likely that your system is not supported, and the install will fail. This is most common on SC-class systems, as OMSA is completely unsupported on these systems.

  • yum
    yum install srvadmin-all
  • rug
    rug install srvadmin-base
    rug install srvadmin-webserver
    rug install srvadmin-storageservices
    NOTE: If you want to install srvadmin-all, you have to have 'setserial' installed. I dont have the details on this, but it doesnt appear that setserial is installed by default.
  • zypper
    zypper install srvadmin-all
  • Upgrading Existing OpenManage Server Administrator

    If a prior version of OpenManage Server Administrator is already installed on the box, then it can be upgraded to OM 7.3.1 using one of the following steps.

  • yum
    yum upgrade
  • rug
    rug update
  • zypper
    zypper update
  • Installing firmware-tools to manage BIOS and firmware updates

  • yum
    yum install dell_ft_install
    yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)
  • rug
    rug install dell_ft_install
    rug install $( bootstrap_firmware | xargs -n1 -r rug --terse wp | cut -d'|' -f3 | grep -v "No matches" | sort | uniq )
  • zypper
    zypper install dell_ft_install
    zypper install $(bootstrap_firmware)
  • Managing BIOS and firmware updates

  • Inventory firmware version levels
  • Compare versions installed to those available
  • Install any applicable updates
    update_firmware --yes
  • Start interactive GUI (Warning: This feature is deprecated. Usage is still allowed but command line tools are recommended)
  • Uninstalling OpenManage Server Administrator

  • all
    rpm -e $(rpm -qa | grep srvadmin)
  • This will fail if any packages depend on OMSA. Uninstall those first.

  • yum
    yum erase $(rpm -qa | grep srvadmin)
  • Yum will uninstall OMSA and any packages that depend on OMSA.

  • zypper
    zypper rm  $(rpm -qa | grep srvadmin)
  • zypper will uninstall OMSA and any packages that depend on OMSA.

  • rug
    rug rm  $(rpm -qa | grep srvadmin)
  • rug will uninstall OMSA and any packages that depend on OMSA.


    A good place for support for this repository is the linux-poweredge mailing list.

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